Our projects evolve from a variety of starting points, sometimes we work to a brief or a challenge set by another organisation or individual; other times an idea is nurtured and incubated by a member of the team. We work in many different ways and at many different speeds, using a diverse range of methods to achieve our shared goals. We take the time and the space to explore creatively and intellectually, whilst delivering tangible outcomes with real benefits in the short and longer term.

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Fashion Education for Sustainability: Kering

LCF students from across all the schools at Masters level can apply to be part of the Kering collaborative unit, Empowering Imagination

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Fashioned From Nature

Exploring fashion as made from nature. Contributions to the Fashioned from Nature exhibition at the V&A museum in London from the CSF team. Focussing on Fashion Now and Fashion Futures 2030

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What’s Going On? – Global Fashion Conference

Centre for Sustainable Fashion is proud to announce it will be hosting the conference ‘What’s Going On? A Discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability’

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Dress For Our Time

A project by artist, designer and Centre for Sustainable Fashion researcher Prof. Helen Storey, using the power of fashion to communicate some of the world’s most complex issues.

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The Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion

A chance to celebrate innovative and challenging student work through the Kering Award for Sustainable Fashion

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Habitat is an emerging body of research, exploring our habits of living through fashion’s actions, relationships and locations framed in the context of the city, as well as to engage fashion as a mediator to explore our concerns whilst living in these locations.

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