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  • Pollingvoting

    Why Voting Matters

    There’s a sense of excitement in the air today, people smiled as they passed one another in the street, polling cards in hands. My phone’s beeping with election chat. Is it the prospect of participation or the possibility of change that’s making the atmosphere fizz? Or is it just me? Or maybe it’s the sunshine. […]


  • RP

    Lest we forget

    It’s easier than it should be to put to the back of your mind that two years ago today 1134 garment workers died when the building they were working in in the Rana Plaza complex collapsed. It shouldn’t be easy. They died making cheap clothes for the high street retailers in the UK, the US […]


  • Hundred portraits of Maydan, series of 100 portraits of Maydan movement volunteers,
Kiev (Ukraine), February 2014

    Émeric Lhuisset in conversation

    CSF’s Camilla Palestra met artist Émeric Lhuisset to talk about his work and the intersection between art and geopolitical topics. Camilla: We first got in touch when you recently joined the Antarctica World Passport (AWP) community. AWP is an ongoing participatory project by Lucy + Jorge Orta which brings together thousands of citizens who commit […]