At CSF we offer thought leadership in the field of fashion and sustainability, we are a constant point of reference in an ever evolving debate and we know that new ways of thinking will drive new ways of doing. We strive to spark challenging dialogues and create debate through all our communication, be it a book several years in the making, or a one hundred and forty character tweet.

  • Hemp growing in Walpole courtsey of Wikipedia

    Hemp, Localism: Bioregional’s enduring significance

    This week CSF’s Prof. Kate Fletcher attended a reunion of past staff, volunteers, collaborators – alumni – of the environmental action group Bioregional. Here she shares her thoughts on Bioregional and a little background on hemp. The gathering set me thinking about my past involvement with the not-for-profit and about the ideas and approaches it […]


  • DfB_Blog2

    Design for Biodiversity: The Crocodile

    In my last blog post I began to discuss Design for Biodiversity, a project we are collaborating with the Responsible Ecosystem Sourcing Platform (RESP) to explore the relationship between fashion and biodiversity and ultimately advance the practice of design for sustainability. Convened under the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, the RESP International Working […]


  • Neal's Yard

    Neal’s Yard Annual Lecture 2014

    This year the second Neal’s Yard Annual Lecture ‘Rethinking How We Think’ saw Professor Avner Offer, Dr. Henrietta Bowden-Jones and Professor Frances Corner in conversation about behaviour change, myopic thinking and business models amongst other things. We often talk about cross disciplinary collaboration and here we had perspectives from the social sciences psychology and economics […]