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  • hm2

    International Recycling Day: Clothes Well Lived Project

    May 17 is International Recycle Day. We are all well aware of the importance of recycling- it’s been drilled into us repeatedly over the last decade, and heralded as the easy, DIY way to save the planet- or least do your bit. Of course, recycling does have its merits- recycling a single run of a […]


  • cop

    How to be a COPtimist

    What started as a conversation over lunch turned into a commitment from world leading filmmakers, fashion designers, musicians, actors, producers and others to the Creative Climate Coalition, presented by Alison Tickell, of Julie’s Bicycle, at COP 21 in Paris. In making this pledge, these signatories were indicating the imperative for collective agreement for action on climate change by governments […]


  • bc2

    The Cultural Value of Second-Hand Clothes

    Second-hand clothing is somewhat contentious. Buying used clothing, quite obviously, is one of the easiest ways to improve your fashion sustainability, however, clothing brands will never encourage it, as their business model revolves around consumers buying more and more, at an ever increasing pace, new clothes. Used clothes are often imbued with a poetic sense […]