At CSF we offer thought leadership in the field of fashion and sustainability, we are a constant point of reference in an ever evolving debate and we know that new ways of thinking will drive new ways of doing. We strive to spark challenging dialogues and create debate through all our communication, be it a book several years in the making, or a one hundred and forty character tweet.

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    The Laundry Pile

    Today, we hear from Emma Rigby, about her work and event she has organised to shine a light on the social practices involved in domestic laundry. The event is called The Laundry Pile and is the launch of CSF’s Prof. Kate Fletcher’s new book Opening up the Wardrobe. Emma completed her PhD at CSF last year. Through the […]


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    1990s Reflections

    A lunchtime wander around Topshop has sent me time travelling back to my teenage years – but with the addition of mobile phones and instagram to make life more difficult/way better (delete as appropriate). Mannequins towered above me in Adidas poppers, spaghetti-strap vest tops with deep burgundy lips. If I was in any doubt, the […]


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    The Za’atari LOVECOATS

    This week saw CSF’s Prof. Helen Storey return from her fourth trip to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Helen started working with those living at camp in 2016 after she was gifted a UNHCR decommissioned refugee tent. From the tent Helen created the ‘Dress For Our Time’, a project which uses the power of […]