At CSF we offer thought leadership in the field of fashion and sustainability, we are a constant point of reference in an ever evolving debate and we know that new ways of thinking will drive new ways of doing. We strive to spark challenging dialogues and create debate through all our communication, be it a book several years in the making, or a one hundred and forty character tweet.

  • DW

    Seeing, Believing, Being

    Most of us rely on being able to see things to believe them and what we see is often the gauge by which we measure success or achievement in our own lives. What we believe to be socially acceptable, inspirational and great, is often shaped by the actions, habits and attire of the people in […]


  • JC

    From Protest to Power

    It may be a grey Monday but after spending the weekend taking to the streets to show solidarity for refugees not to mention celebrating the election of a very different type of politician to lead the Labour party, I’m feeling that a small victory has been won for authenticity and empathy. This battle has been […]


  • Susan Leen, Life Between Streets 1, 2013

    Relational Geographies

    ‘The spaces through which we go daily are provided for by locations; their nature is grounded in things of the type of buildings. If we pay heed to these relations between locations and spaces, between spaces and space, we get a due to help us in thinking of the relation of man and space.’ (Martin […]