Every week a member of the CSF team or network contributes an article to this website, offering inspiring insights and ideas on the role fashion plays in a global sustainability agenda.

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Quasi-Marxism, Sustainability Fairy Tales and ÜBER Fashion: Camilla Palestra in Conversation with Rainer Ganahl

Camilla Palestra: “If anything is certain – I, myself, am not a Marxist!” was your opening statement at your first fashion show at New York’s White Columns during Performa 2013. Is Comme de Marxist, a quasi-Marxist, a definition that better fits your work? Rainer Ganahl: Correct, I am for sure not a Marxist in the […]


V&A Fashion Now: MA Fashion Futures

As part of the V&A Fashion from Nature exhibition, Fashion Now reveals the normally-unseen, five stage lifecycle of everyday items most people have in their wardrobes, namely trainers, jeans, a t-shirt, a bag and a dress. Two of the student groups from MA Fashion Futures who worked on the display explain the idea behind their […]

2. Sublime magazine

Sublime: A Lifestyle Magazine for a New Economy

Our new post-doctoral research fellow Francesco Mazzarella interviewed Laura Santamaria, co-founder and editor in chief of Sublime magazine, about the contribution from media to promote sustainable fashion. Sublime magazine has been a friend of CSF for a long time; they joined us at the very start of our journey 10 years ago. We are witnessing the […]

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Reflections on the Journey of Fashion and Sustainability

This year is the ten year anniversary of Centre for Sustainable Fashion. A milestone that is particularly meaningful to me, as it marks the time I enrolled on the inaugural year of the MA Fashion and Environment, now known as Fashion Futures, at LCF. Sometimes it is only with hindsight and reflection that we can […]


SOCIETY: Fashion and Migration

With a record breaking 250 abstract submissions to our conference, held later this year, ‘What’s Going On? A Discourse on Fashion, Design and Sustainability’ I reflect this week on the work of one of CSF’s Professors, Helen Storey, which conveys one of our conference themes ‘Society’. Since her first trip to the Za’atari Refugee Camp in 2016 […]

Plastic Resized

CSF go plastic free

Way back before Christmas we decided we’d try a week of going plastic free. It’s a hard time of year to give it a go but as a team we felt pretty committed and have since decided to extend this as part of our working practices. As a result, we’ve had more conversations with each […]

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What’s Going On? Call for Papers

We humans have always fashioned protection and adornment for our bodies from the world around us. Beyond this, the activities and artefacts of fashion act as a barometer of our lives and lifestyles. Today the activity of shielding and embellishing the body is a personal process as well as a global industry with powerful ramifications […]

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Women. Fashion. Power.

On International Women’s Day this year we reflect on the title of last year’s exhibition at the Design Museum. What is the interplay between them when it comes to fashion and sustainability? And what can we make of these words in a Post-Weinstein #TimesUp #MeToo world? What of Women. Fashion. Power… 100 years after some […]

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Understanding Luxury Fashion

During London Fashion Week last week CSF launched the world’s first open-access digital course in luxury fashion and sustainability. Co-created with Kering, it’s been a year of hard work bringing together our research, approaches and knowledge that have been honed over the last decade as well as insights and expertise from Kering’s sustainability team. “Fashion […]


CSF is 10

The beginning of a year is often a time for commitment, a means to mark the beginning of something or to revitalize a waning enthusiasm. This can be on the back of a reflection on what has been going on in our own or others’ lives, a moment of being present, to see where we […]