Every week a member of the CSF team or network contributes an article to this website, offering inspiring insights and ideas on the role fashion plays in a global sustainability agenda.

Image: Laure Fernandez

Laure Fernandez: Kering Award Winner

Today is the turn of Laure Fernandez to answer a couple of questions about her project and share her thoughts on sustainability in fashion. Can you briefly explain your project? LF: Gucci’s culture of prints and the dreamlike narrative they evoke offer the opportunity to explore the future of printing processes and an unique way for […]

Image: Bella Gonshorovitz

Bella Gonshorovitz: Kering Award Finalist

Today we profile our second Kering Award Finalist Bella Gonshorovitz, who has explored how far a fashion campaign can go in promoting certain aspects of sustainability. Her focus was on Gucci and below we can hear more about her thinking behind the scenes and how being located in London shaped her thoughts. Can you briefly […]


Call for contributions: Design & Nature

Call for contributions: Design & Nature, published by Routledge and edited by Kate Fletcher, Louise St Pierre, Mathilda Tham. Why: The context of this book is the threat to vital earth systems, as exemplified by climate change, ecological toxicity, and biodiversity loss. Human activities are driving the deterioration of natural systems. Technology, policy, new business […]

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The Laundry Pile

Today, we hear from Emma Rigby, about her work and event she has organised to shine a light on the social practices involved in domestic laundry. The event is called The Laundry Pile and is the launch of CSF’s Prof. Kate Fletcher’s new book Opening up the Wardrobe. Emma completed her PhD at CSF last year. Through the […]


1990s Reflections

A lunchtime wander around Topshop has sent me time travelling back to my teenage years – but with the addition of mobile phones and instagram to make life more difficult/way better (delete as appropriate). Mannequins towered above me in Adidas poppers, spaghetti-strap vest tops with deep burgundy lips. If I was in any doubt, the […]

Tiger Girls show their LOVECOAT creations

The Za’atari LOVECOATS

This week saw CSF’s Prof. Helen Storey return from her fourth trip to the Za’atari refugee camp in Jordan. Helen started working with those living at camp in 2016 after she was gifted a UNHCR decommissioned refugee tent. From the tent Helen created the ‘Dress For Our Time’, a project which uses the power of […]

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We stand with refugees

Refugee: a person who flees for refuge or safety Refuge: a place or situation providing safety or shelter. To take refuge: to seek safety or comfort in being safe Home: a place one lives, a place one can take refuge 20th June is World Refugee Day; this week is Refugee week. Never has it been more important […]

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The Better Lives Lectures 2017

  CSF hosted the 2017 LCF Better Lives lecture series exploring the themes: Society, Nature and Power. We talk a lot about these themes at CSF and are lucky enough to be able to explore them daily in our work with students, in research and through working with industry. When we talk about sustainability the […]

Standing Up FA

Standing Up to Violence Against Women

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” (Brené Brown) How do you start a conversation about domestic violence at a fashion college, in a room full of people that may or may not know each other, and who may or may not have experienced/be experiencing it? It’s a sensitive and difficult topic. […]



Four years ago today 1134 people – mostly women – were killed when the building they were working in collapsed. Those people were working; cutting and sewing the clothes that we wear. Many more workers (some 2500) were injured. Please stop for a moment to consider these numbers. 1134. 1134 people were killed. When numbers […]