Every week a member of the CSF team or network contributes an article to this website, offering inspiring insights and ideas on the role fashion plays in a global sustainability agenda.


Jovy Hon: Kering Award Finalist

  Jovy Hon has developed a campaign for Gucci that explores how to communicate their sustainability actions to Millennials. Today we hear a little more about this project. Please briefly explain your project. JH: ‘BeWokeGucci’ is a digital communication campaign that embodies Gucci’s brand and product transparency especially designed for the Millennials. It explains Gucci’s sustainability endeavours in an interesting […]

Image: Christina Haxholm

Christina Haxholm: Kering Award Finalist

Today we hear from Christina about her work which intersects fashion, materials, technology and biology. Read below to find out more about her project for Stella McCartney. Please briefly explain your project. CH: ‘In Vitro Fur’ is essentially a speculative prototype for cultural discussion. The field of synthetic biology and genetic modification is rapidly expanding, […]

Image: Dian-Jen Lin

Dian-Jen Lin: Kering Award Winner

For her project Dian-Jen explores carbon reduction and her project poses the question: what if a t-shirt could make more oxygen than a tree? Tell us briefly about your project. DL: By identifying the gap within the mitigation hierarchy from Stella McCartney and the carbon reduction challenge faced by Kering, I propose a different approach to understanding sustainability: […]

Image: Charlie Wilkinson

Charlie Wilkinson: Kering Award Winner

The focus of Charlie Wilkinson’s work is the use of cork as a sustainable material in Gucci’s heritage luggage. Here she tells us more about her project and her thinking about materials in the design process. Tell us a little bit about your project. CW: My project focussed on the idea of backtracking the making process […]

Image: Victoria Andre

Victoria Andre: Kering Award Finalist

Victoria Andre talks about sustainable supply chains and iconic loafers as she tells us a little about her project for Gucci as part of the Awards programme. Tell us a little bit about your project VA: My project aimed to propose a more sustainable supply chain for Gucci’s footwear range. I looked at how I […]

Image: Laure Fernandez

Laure Fernandez: Kering Award Winner

Today is the turn of Laure Fernandez to answer a couple of questions about her project and share her thoughts on sustainability in fashion. Can you briefly explain your project? LF: Gucci’s culture of prints and the dreamlike narrative they evoke offer the opportunity to explore the future of printing processes and an unique way for […]

Image: Bella Gonshorovitz

Bella Gonshorovitz: Kering Award Finalist

Today we profile our second Kering Award Finalist Bella Gonshorovitz, who has explored how far a fashion campaign can go in promoting certain aspects of sustainability. Her focus was on Gucci and below we can hear more about her thinking behind the scenes and how being located in London shaped her thoughts. Can you briefly […]


Call for contributions: Design & Nature

Call for contributions: Design & Nature, published by Routledge and edited by Kate Fletcher, Louise St Pierre, Mathilda Tham. Why: The context of this book is the threat to vital earth systems, as exemplified by climate change, ecological toxicity, and biodiversity loss. Human activities are driving the deterioration of natural systems. Technology, policy, new business […]

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The Laundry Pile

Today, we hear from Emma Rigby, about her work and event she has organised to shine a light on the social practices involved in domestic laundry. The event is called The Laundry Pile and is the launch of CSF’s Prof. Kate Fletcher’s new book Opening up the Wardrobe. Emma completed her PhD at CSF last year. Through the […]


1990s Reflections

A lunchtime wander around Topshop has sent me time travelling back to my teenage years – but with the addition of mobile phones and instagram to make life more difficult/way better (delete as appropriate). Mannequins towered above me in Adidas poppers, spaghetti-strap vest tops with deep burgundy lips. If I was in any doubt, the […]