Our work

Create internationally acclaimed research

We are original thinkers with inquiring minds, thriving on partnerships that defy convention. Our research challenges those in design and business to rethink structures and systems and to explore new perspectives and processes that balance ecology, society and culture.

Set agendas in government, business, and public arena

We work with governments to ignite debate and drive legislative change
We work with businesses small and large to guide sustainability strategy
We work with designers to create restorative solutions through fashion
We work with media and NGOs to visualize, inform and evolve perceptions of sustainability in fashion.

Pioneer world relevant curriculum

Changing what and how we teach and learn is one of the greatest contributions we can make. Working with students from undergraduate, post graduate and PhD programmes, we create symbiotic relationships, where we can all contribute to learning and evolve graduates equipped with the skills the world needs and wants.

We work with both internal and external partners to develop future facing fashion curriculum, notably creating the ground-breaking Masters programme MA Fashion and the Environment in 2008, recognised through awards and its alumni as future shaping. This course has evolved to become MA Fashion Futures, where students question and explore fashion practice and theory related to fashion as meaning and shape making. The course leader is CSF’s Alex McIntosh.

Since our inception we have instigated a variety of sustainability focused projects and modules for courses across all schools at London College of Fashion including: BA Fashion JournalismBA Fashion Design and DevelopmentBA Fashion ManagementMA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation, MA Fashion ArtefactMA Fashion Footwear, MA Fashion Futures.