PhD Community


Anne Prahl

Research Title:
Designing Wearable Sensing: An exploration of material, form and function

Anne is a freelance research & design consultant and is currently undertaking practice-led PhD research, which explores the integration of both environmental and human wellbeing through the creation of design concepts for ‘senseable textiles’.

Research Interests:
The investigation of design-driven opportunities for ‘Design for Sustainability’ in the textile & clothing industry.

Inter-disciplinary research opportunities and collaborative projects.

The symbiotic relationship between design thinking and design practice.

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Emma Rigby

Research Title:
Design and the Laundry: Evolving Practices and Rhythms of Consumption

Emma is a fashion designer, researcher and educator based in the field of fashion and sustainability. Her research focuses on the relationship between garment design, use and everyday laundry practices. Her methodology critically integrates social practice theory with sustainability theory to develop new perspectives from which to engage with fashion in less resource intensive ways.

Research interests:
The relationship between fashion design, garment laundering and sustainability.

Inconspicuous resource consumption and practice theory.

Laundering as a social practice and pro-environmental behaviour change.

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Flavia Amadeu

Research Title:
Artefact mediation: design practice within rubber tapping communities from the Amazon Rainforest

Flavia’s PhD research examines the process and implications of  design practice within local communities in contexts of social innovation for sustainability. She has been involved in several projects with artisans and the chemistry laboratory from the University of Brasilia, Brazil, that has developed specific rubber for her work.

Flavia has also developed a jewellery collection with the model and actress Lily Cole for the Sky Rainforest Rescue and WWF-UK 2013 campaign.

Research Interests:
Design methodology and research for social and environmental sustainability.

Interaction between designers and local communities for social change.

Social innovation through creative appropriation.

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Paul Yuille

Research Title:
Only time enough: exploring the potential of developing a fashion strategy that uses time as a coherent factor when designing garments to have a predetermined lifetime

Paul is Director of International at London College of Fashion, where his PhD research focuses on fashion and sustainability, exploring the reaction of fast fashion consumers towards garments that have a short predetermined lifespan, Paul’s thesis will challenge what is the shortest pre-determined lifespan a fast fashion consumer will accept.

Research Interests:
Fashion consumption.

Product obsolescence.

Fashion consumer behaviour.

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Emily Towers

Research Title:
The practice of mending: unravelling its effect on the wearer’s relationship to clothing.

An aluma of the MA in Fashion and the Environment at the London College of Fashion, Emily’s research intends to provide alternative methods to our current system of fashion acquisition, by encouraging the extension of clothes useful lives, focusing on the practice of mending garments. The research aims to discover, whether encouraging changes of habit within consumption through the craft of repairing clothes, results in a reduction in the consumption of fashion products. Therefore facilitating the development of a design practice that actively engages users with garment upkeep.

Research Interests:
Mending: addressing both the physical garment and the intangible wearer-garment relationship.

Behaviour change: Can clothing relationships evolve.

Industry applications: how through design, construction and mending, garments can easily be repaired.


Lara Torres

Research Title:
Towards a practice of unmaking: a strategy for critical fashion design

Lara’s work debates the role of the fashion designer, working across a range of media from sculpture to performance and video. Her research focuses on creating a critical consciousness towards production and consumption processes in fashion and provides new insights into the way fashion designers develop approaches to what fashion can be.

Research interests:
The relationship between practice and theory as critical thought.

Film and fashion as critical tools

Design methodologies and research for social and environmental sustainability awareness.

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