2015 wishes

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The new year is a mixed bag – the first few days of January are a time for resolutions and fresh starts, and after the excesses of the festive period it seems easier to give up the ‘bad’ things and start with more focus on doing the ‘good’ things. But as the cold, dark days drag on, the initial resolution and optimism wanes (including posting this in January) and things soon slip back into business as usual. 

But working as we do in an area and a discipline that is about change, business as usual is not necessarily what we are hoping for this coming year when we recognise the precious nature of time, the need for moving lightly and quickly but decisively with clarity and integrity. A few members of the team shared with me their hopes, fears, dreams, expectations and resolutions for the year ahead. Here are a few snippets we can come back to this time next year…

For Dilys her hope for the year ahead is inspired by I Stood Up (a research project with many exciting iterations – including this one here) and is “for everyone to feel the courage to voice their concerns and cares, not in anger or defensiveness but by quietly finding great things for and with the world.”

Her dreams for 2015 are for us to have a joyful impact – rather than conforming to the expected ways of doing things! Her dream is of taking more risks, spending more time outdoors, running more, lying in parks more and surprising ourselves with what we see we have achieved for others. Her expectations, on the other hand are more mixed, with turbulent times expected: “those shoring up the current short-termist approach will get even better at leading us, Pied Piper style, towards the abyss. With this though we will get gently stronger, gracefully more determined and that we will do our best – when we will deal thoughtfully with things that are tricky, after all difficultly is part of life, then we can enjoy precious moments, the successes and the failures as ways to learn and to consequently live better.”

When I asked Camilla for her thoughts, she told me “at Christmas I was gifted a little book by Albert Schweitzer. There’s one concept in the book, so banal and yet so powerful, that stayed with me: ‘respect for life’. I wish in the new year we can all respect more our and other people’s life”.  Which to Zoe’s hope to make more space for her own well-being, to have a sense that ‘I am enough, I do enough’ and really truly feel this. Looking to the future or the end of 2015 feeling positive that the I, you, us, we are making a change, making an impact having our voices heard”.

For Kate the year ahead is hopeful for a growing sense of wonder and love at the interconnectedness of things combined with the fear of not knowing what to with the understanding that everything is relational, acknowledging that change in life and work will bring new insights.

Charlotte’s wish was global in scope – that we can learn to live together with more compassion, acceptance, and tolerance, and that we can learn positively from one another’s beliefs and ways of life, encouraging and supporting people to grow, act and achieve positively and in a way that works for them, rather than forcing ideals and beliefs on others. A hope that she thinks can be applied to fashion, education, and the economic world, as well as the bigger picture of religion and differing ideologies. “I also hope that people will continue to question, challenge, and research where their clothes come from, how they are made and what they are made of.”

Nina’s were closer to home – to support her son Sam to take the stabilizers off his bike so they can go on bike rides together, to get a shed and a vegetable patch, and to be productive, mindful and focused in life and work rounded up the offerings, save one last one…

And to make a quilt (perhaps this can be a CSF challenge…).