Behind the scenes for Craft of Use

Behind the scenes at the Craft of Use event

Behind the scenes at the Craft of Use event

There’s just one more day in the office until the Craft of Use event on Wednesday,  after months of planning and years of interviews, reading, photo shoots and thoughtful provocation, the chance to share and discuss is almost upon us.

After a manic couple of weeks of dashing around London ensuring the vital aspects of the event would go smoothly, Katelyn (the research assistant on the project) finally breathed out, realising with a smile that everything was going be alright. The production company arrived this morning and are in the RHS space organising the build and the lighting, the printing is done and props are arriving in various sized boxed from various locations around the world.

When asked what she was most looking forward to, Katelyn replied that a sneak peak at the rehearsal of Mari Krappala and her merry Finnish band of performers had brought home how real and close the event was and this was certainly going to be one of her personal highlights, though it was tough to press her for one answer.

Contributions will be made at throughout the day from the partners of the project who are arriving as we type from various places around the world including Canada, Australia and Demark. We are hoping that from the discussions and workshops on the day, the role of the designer will be reframed to include them a space for them to pose important questions as well as providing responses.

As the energy in the office calms to a gentle simmer the excitement of potential hangs in the air and for Kate Fletcher this is one of the most exciting aspects of the event – palatable and electrifying, were her choice words.  Kate’s sneak peak of the day’s line up has been a look at what Sabrina Mahfouz has been working on for the event, the content of which she could not be pushed to reveal but promised would not disappointed.

All we can say now is roll on Wednesday. Not to wish time away or anything, but…