Designers for Industry

Design has the power to challenge the way we do things, the way we think about things and to improve the world around us – and so at CSF we are delighted that our fabulous Helen Storey has been recognised by the RSA for her role in fashion and design by being awarded a Royal Designers for Industry award, an award which honours outstanding contributions to design and society.

Helen’s work in fashion is being celebrated for pushing new boundaries and making challenging scientific concepts accessible to the public. Her work involves collaborating closely with others to communicate to people not only the challenges we face but potential solutions that can come about through risk taking, listening and trust.

As Helen herself says, ‘for many years I have instinctively felt that our progress relies upon taking the right kinds of risks through purposeful collision and experimentation in between the disciplines. The aptitudes that designers need nowadays have had to change, in order for us to flourish and respond to our rapidly shifting world. My work has often been therefore, hard to categorise, my practice demands a hybrid response to what I feel the world is asking of us.’

Helen’s projects capture imaginations and go on to inspire others, which is fashion at its best. Catalytic Clothing for example, is both a visually arresting and practical piece of work – a solution to the problem of deadly levels of air pollution in our cities which can be purified by the clothes we wear.

As Dilys, CSF’s director, attests ‘Helen has a rare wisdom and care that is both extraordinarily powerful and humble, a quiet radicalism that touches all who have the honour of working with her. Helen’s work for our earth, our societies and individuals is vital and I can delightfully say that, for me, this spans working with Helen for over two decades of journeying with curiosity and discoerty that continues to amaze at each step.’

To celebrate Helen’s achievement, LCF have produced a short film encapsulating her career so far – from it you can see both the work she has done and get a taste for the work that is to come, the journey about which she touched on in a recent blog post for CSF – ‘A Dress for Our Times’, will allow us to reach a global audience, with whom we can have a conversation that is less ‘grim reaper’ and more about the wonder of ‘what it means to be human now’…

Congratulations Helen, from all of us at CSF!