Jovy Hon: Kering Award Finalist


IMG_5545Jovy Hon has developed a campaign for Gucci that explores how to communicate their sustainability actions to Millennials. Today we hear a little more about this project.

Please briefly explain your project.
JH: ‘BeWokeGucci’ is a digital communication campaign that embodies Gucci’s brand and product transparency especially designed for the Millennials. It explains Gucci’s sustainability endeavours in an interesting manner without mentioning the overused catchphrases such as green and eco- by fully utilizing the currently adopted Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) technology. RFID provides a more interactive way to present the wordy behind-the-product information that customers could simply connect their Gucci purchase with the smartphone application.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
JH: For me, sustainable fashion means hope, opportunities, and future. The field of sustainable fashion does not include organic practices only, combining latest technologies with the traditional garment making process also brings room for expansion. By sustaining the natural resources and our planet the fashion industry can be continued to prosper and vice versa.

How would your project benefit the maker and not just the consumer?
JH: The campaign could help Gucci become a top employer through the digital employee endorsement programme. Subsequently, it can enhance Gucci’s brand value and loyalty by improving customer satisfaction while connecting with Millennials by expressing the shared vision and values in innovative ways.