Kering award finalist – Fiona Fung

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Fiona is a designer and art lover with a serious case of wanderlust. Her work challenges traditional notions of material with a dry humorous twist, questioning the relationship between personal self and socially constructed identities. She is passionate about how design quality can influence a woman’s long term physical and psychological relationship to a product.

We usually use synthetics to replace natural things, but what if we replaced synthetics with a more sustainable natural?’

Fiona’s project for Stella McCartney focuses on alternatives to petroleum based products, leading to her to the development of seaweed as a resource with sustainability credentials.

‘Seaweed has the potential to mimic thermoplastic synthetics in its visual-tactile qualities. By mimicking thermoplastics, understanding seaweed properties can lead to plastic and leather simulation, packaging, coatings, or the incorporation of seaweed into sporting goods – an extremely exciting direction for fashion design.’

Through the Award, Fiona worked with experts from the CSF and with Claire Bergkamp, Head of Sustainability & Ethical Trade at Stella McCartney, to offer unrivalled insight to the ways in which we are challenging the accepted norms in fashion product design.

Fiona has a background in fashion design and pattern-cutting, and over 5 years experience in luxury ready to wear. Through rigorous research, impeccable understanding of the brand, and a professional outlook, Fiona demonstrates flexibility and a collaborative nature – essential skills in the fashion designer of the future. Fiona is currently studying for MA Fashion Futures.

Six finalists were selected for their standout work in response to briefs from Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Over the next week we will introduce you to each of these changemakers, leading up to the announcements of the winners on 3 November at the annual Kering Talk at London College of Fashion.

The winners will each receive €10,000 and a paid internship at the brand.

Applications are now open for the Kering Award 2016. If you are an LCF student and would like to find more click here.