Kering award finalist – Martin Brambley

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As part of our series of posts on the Kering Award finalists 2015, we are introducing BA Fashion Design Technology: Menswear student Martin Brambley.

Menswear designer Martin has adopted a collaborative design model to experiment and develop new prototypes for non-woven materials that make use of pre-consumer waste.

‘Alexander McQueen customers expect more than just aesthetic qualities from the garments they purchase.’

The outcomes demonstrate viability for large-scale production and suitability for the identified brand of McQ. The design journey that Martin has taken has enabled a new partnership with the National Innovation Research Institute to develop his bonded materials and the selection jury were particularly impressed by his naturally inquisitive and entrepreneurial approach to design. The Award programme has nurtured Martin’s skills in technical development, communication and presentation with striking outcomes that show great potential for application to fashion design.

Through the Award, Martin worked with experts from the CSF and with Sarah Needham, Sustainability Manager at Alexander McQueen, to offer unrivalled insight to the ways in which we are developing technological innovation in designers to create new possibilities and empower change in the fashion system.

Six finalists were selected for their standout work in response to briefs from Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen. Over the next week we will introduce you to each of these changemakers, leading up to the announcements of the winners on 3 November at the annual Kering Talk at London College of Fashion.

The winners will each receive €10,000 and a paid internship at the brand.

Applications are now open for the Kering Award 2016. If you are an LCF student and would like to find more click here.