Greece age 5

Helen Storey as a child age 5

This week CSF’s Professor Helen Storey launched a social media campaign attached to her new project Dress for our Time, to try and find new ways for us all to engage with Climate Change and all the issues connected to it, helping us wake up, dig deep and inspire each other to surface the brilliant species that we are. The social media campaign is called #LookMumNoFuture and there’s more on how the name came about below.

Now is the time to put our imaginations to work in a new way. We are the first generation to know about climate change and the last to be able to do anything about it, so doing nothing, is not an option any more, whether that’s Governments, industry, or us as individuals. This isn’t depressing, this isn’t about doom – this is about being as alive as we may ever be.

The title for the campaign came from a photo taken at the New York climate change march – a Dad holding his daughter aloft by the legs, raised above her head she holds a hand drawn sign “ Look Mum No Future” – it may not have been written by her, but it has been read by many and its hard to turn away from.

Finding the language to talk about climate change is hard and our multiple kinds of intelligences mean words that engage some, fall flat for some and turn others away. The answers however, are within us.

Earlier this week Helen asked and is very grateful to Lou Teasdale (hairdresser for One Direction) for kicking off the campaign and us into action in her own way by posting a picture of herself on Instagram as a child stating “#LookMumNoFuture climate change matters to me because I want to ensure the future is safe for Lux.” The campaign is using nostalgia, in the form of images of our childhoods as the doorway into and beyond, a time before we knew about climate change.

This is an experiment to alter what we allow into our minds and what we are prepared to stand up for and we will continue to create interventions, events, dialogue, forum and space to keep our new relationship to our future a light.

If civilization is a race between creativity and catastrophe, we were made for this challenge – we were born with the stuff that can turn this around, maybe not the ‘whole world at once, but your world at once’.

Engage, question, rage, love & create – feel what you need to feel – then make time for this, whilst time is still just about ours.

Please do get involved, we’d love to see your pics and hear your thoughts. Follow the campaign on Instagram or on Twitter and don’t forget it’s #LookMumNoFuture on both networks.