Now available: 2nd Edition of Landmark Text


One of CSF’s own, Kate Fletcher, is today celebrating the release of the Second Edition of her book Sustainable Fashion and Textiles: Design Journeys. First published in 2008, it has been described as a landmark book and the ‘foundation of a radical new perspective in fashion’. For the last six years the title is in active use in commercial design studios and is the principal text in academic seminar rooms around the world. The book was transformed into an exhibition at the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World in 2010, a show that continues to tour the UK today. The 2014 Second Edition has original and updated content, including a new preface and conclusion which critiques the latest improvements in the field and examines potential future developments, positioning the book deep within sustainability change.

Over the last two decades, Kate Fletcher’s original thinking and progressive outlook have infused fashion and textiles with ideas and practice of design for sustainability, and come to define them. Her pioneering work, rooted both in nature’s principles and the cultural and creative forces of fashion and design, ranges from developing ‘slow fashion’ concepts to exploring ‘post growth fashion’ through the current work she is undertaking at CSF to understand and develop the ‘craft of use’.

Sustainable Fashion and Textiles” Design Journeys is available from Routledge Publishers.

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