Rituals and Ceremonies: LCF Graduation


Lola graduating with Professor Frances Corner, head of London College of Fashion

It’s easy in the multidirectional functioning of our lives, where new openings, previously unimagined ways to respond to the world and instant messaging enables us to show excitement, post a thank you emoji or an image that says more than a thousand words. But whilst it’s been said, by Lord Keynes, that ‘it is far easier to take in a new idea than to get rid of an old one,’ our memories often dim around some of the feelings and significance of long held rituals and ceremonies in our cultures and traditions.

At CSF, we have some of our own rituals (mainly around food and about getting outside as much as possible) but as part of a wider community at LCF and UAL, there are other rituals and ceremonies that offer us distinctive and incredibly important ways to acknowledge, honour and thank those inside and outside of our community, for who they are and what they do.

Graduation is one such occasion. Always a day when it feels too hot for hats and heavy layers, but that nevertheless it feels great to be wearing them, graduation is a rite of passage for those who have achieved across every course in every school at the college and across the university. It is also a day to honour those who are doing great things inside and outside of our community, without whom we would be diminished.

This year, the university has honoured Baroness Lola Young with an Honorary Doctorate and being there to see, hear and shout for Lola in regal colours was a hugely significant moment, especially as the work that she does is more important than ever. Lola referenced artists and musicians that inspire her and help her to do what she does. Lola helps us at the Centre, fashion more broadly and all of us as citizens of humanity. Thank you Lola and thank you Graduation.

(check back here soon to hear about our lovely PhD, MA and shortlisted Kering Award students who also graduated with Lola)