What has to be done?


Today 18 July 2013 two members of the CSF team, Kate Fletcher and Katelyn Toth-Fejel, will be setting sail as part of a small crew of artists, scientists and cultural commentators on a 10 day voyage through the Scottish Western Isles. These voyagers are being brought together to engage with issues of sustainability and the increasingly urgent need to address and culturally respond to the dramatic effects of climate change, particularly through arts education. It is also a hugely exciting opportunity for an exchange of ideas to take place amidst an awe inspiring landscape where they will be walking the land and navigating the sea, wind and waves.

This voyage will mirror the German environmental artist Joseph Beuys’ expedition in 1980 aboard another tall ship, The Marques. The title and name of the voyage, “What has to be done?” refers back specifically to the question posed by the Beuys, with regard to how he saw the relationship between nuclear power and alternative technology.

Kate and Katelyn’s participation is supported by the Centre for Sustainable Fashion’s ‘Right Thing To Do’ fund which provides funding each year for a member of staff to pursue a project of personal significance. It has also been made possible by the Demarco European Art Foundation and Cape Farewell.

Follow their travel over the next ten days on CSF’s facebook and on twitter (internet connection depending!)

The official website for this expedition featuring updates from all crew members is http://www.whathastobedone.com/