What’s Going On? Call for Papers

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We humans have always fashioned protection and adornment for our bodies from the world around us. Beyond this, the activities and artefacts of fashion act as a barometer of our lives and lifestyles. Today the activity of shielding and embellishing the body is a personal process as well as a global industry with powerful ramifications for the ecological and social world in which we live. From climate change to social inequality, and convivial communities to a new engagement with the natural world, fashion’s activities of design demonstrate prowess and perceptions of ourselves and the world. What’s Going On? in and through fashion can be traced to the intentional shaping of concepts, matter, energy, patterns, garments and experience – to the practices and processes of design.

In this conference, the first to exclusively examine this area, we invite you to explore the dynamics, challenges and propositions of fashion and sustainability through the lens of design thinking and practice. That is, we ask you to examine ‘What’s Going On?’ in this emerging field of study. The conference theme should be understood in the broadest of terms, and is meant to encourage a diverse range of submissions addressing design and sustainability research in the context of fashion and its systems from a variety of philosophical angles and methodological approaches.

The conference is concerned with sharing new knowledge and research findings and we welcome submissions from scholars, educators, industry and creative practitioners, NGOs, think-tanks, provocateurs, policymakers and others. We are keen to represent a multiplicity of voices and perspectives, including those from the Global South, those within, between and of no traditional disciplinary tribes and from all types of research experience.

All submissions must be original, unpublished work. They can include long and short papers, interactive sessions, special sessions, photography, film, performance and other modes of investigation and representation that can be accommodated within the space and time of the conference.

Submissions should align with at least one of the agenda headings: Power, Nature, Culture, Society. Possible themes relating to these agendas include:

Fashion design for democracy
Fashion business practices for better buying Fashion education for equality
Fashion as activism
Fashion and politics
Costing and valuing fashion
Fashion and the media

Fashion and learning from nature Fashion, art and the environment Fashioned by nature
Fashion systems for sustainability Fashion, technology and nature Fashion habits and habitats Fashion and spirituality
Fashion and human nature

Fashion’s social practices
Fashion, science and sustainability
Fashion Designer and sustainability
Fashion making and meaning
Cultures of care and fashion
Fashion identity, stories and rituals

Fashion, migration and conflict
Fashion, technology and sustainability
Fashion Design for Sustainability strategies, methods and tools
Fashion futures, speculative design and scenario planning
Fashion and dignity
Fashion entrepreneurship and sustainable prosperity
Geographies of fashion

Open Agenda:

Themes relating to fashion, design and sustainability not addressed in the other agendas. Format for contributions:

  1. Long and short research papers: Long papers <5000 words, short papers <2000 words
  2. Interactive sessions (workshops, symposia). Outline, aims and objectives 200 words (30 minute sessions)
  3. Film, photography and performance proposals – films max of 7mins, performance up to 15 minutes.
  4. Special Sessions (industry practitioners, NGOs, other organisations) upto30 minutes

Abstracts should discuss how the participation addresses the theme(s) selected and in what format/medium it will be presented. The title of the abstract should be no longer than 12 words, and the abstract itself should be between 250-400 words, please also include up to 5 keywords.

Abstracts will be reviewed by the Scientific Committee of the GFC2018. The Committee comprises leading academics based in universities in many parts of the world. The language of the conference is English and oral presentations will be limited to 15 minutes.

Please submit your abstract before 22nd April 2018 to: globalfashionconference@gmail.com