10 Years of Fashion Practice

As part of UAL’s Research Fortnight programme and to mark the successful 10 years of the journal Fashion Practice, founded and co-edited by Sandy Black and Marilyn DeLong, Sandy will be hosting a roundtable discussion. Invited guest speakers will include, Simon Thorogood, Caroline Stevenson, along with 3 PhD alumni, Anne Prahl, Homi Narielwalla and Lara Torres. The panel will explore the journals interdisciplinary and wide ranging approach which provides a much-needed forum for topics ranging from design theory to the impact of technology, economics and industry on fashion practice. This event also contributes to the year long celebration marking 10 years of Centre for Sustainable Fashion.

14th March
4.30-5.30pm followed by refreshments
Room 105
London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes St, London, W1G 0BJ

Please RSVP to sustainability@fashion.arts.ac.uk

This event is most suited to those who are working in fashion research, or are a current or prospective research student.

Please do advise us of any access requirements.