LCF Better Lives 2018: Past, Present and Future – PhD research – a contemporary conversation

Better Lives is a term we use to describe the work we do at LCF that uses fashion, as a discipline, to drive change, build a sustainable future and improve the way we live. This encompasses research and projects across all levels (PhD, MA and BA), and areas of the college’s portfolio including fashion design, media and communication, business, science and technology.

At the Centre for Sustainable Fashion we explore vital elements of Better Lives, and as part of this initiative CSF are hosting the 2018 Better Lives Lecture Series. Focused on Past, Present and Future the series will celebrate and reflect on the contribution our students make to Better Lives through their varied practice.

The second event in the series celebrates and promotes the work of our current PhD community, whose projects explore many areas of the ‘Better Lives’ agenda. From understanding the uses, possibilities and applications of repair as a strand of environmental sustainability, to investigating materials and meaning, and how embellishment can deliver an alternative to the seductive notion of exotic animal materials.

Presentations of current projects are followed by dialogue between researchers around key issues. Group and audience discussion will follow the presentations.

How do you think fashion can contribute to better lives? Come and take part!

Hosted By: Sandy Black with Caroline Stevenson & Simon Thorogood

PHD Candidates:
Eldina Begic, Katherine Pogson, Liz Ciokajlo, Matilda Aspinall, Naomi Bailey-Cooper

22nd May


London College of Fashion, RHS East

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Featured Image: OurOwnsKIN footwear structure inspired by human skin, Liz Ciokajlo Photo: Craig Gambel