Swarm – Voice for Change event

27 Mar 2015 16:00 to 18:00 Swarm – part of our Voice for Change Exhibition

What is our greatest threat?
Barely visible, but catastrophic for humanity as we know it?

A swarm infiltrates the room. Silently. No one notices, at first. They move fluently, yet methodically. Slow, black, determined. Organised, but unpredictable. Only their eyes are visible. One by one, they fill the air around us. People begin to talk. The swarm begins to move…

The slow rhythmic action of walking frees the mind. Talking with others, against a changing, dynamic background, sets the stage for ideas, action and change. ACE&LION proposes a Walk&Talk, the next in a series of ephemeral live sculptures.

ACE&LION creates socially engaged work, including Olympic Torch Project, Muse(eum) Quiz (Tate Modern Tanks and Five Years Gallery publication), and Idea Gardening: Sustainability. Swarm artists include: Metod Blejec, Dafne Louzioti, Amy McDonnell and Scott Schwager.

(Image by © Metod Bleject and Scott Schwager, as part of an ACE&LION Project)