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Fashion Futures 2030 Toolkit

Fashion Futures 2030 toolkit launched at Copenhagen Fashion Summit – an exciting new resource for industry leaders, educators and students.

Fashion Futures 2030 is an online toolkit designed to help educators, industry professionals and students engage in critical thought and discourse of fashion and nature through the exploration of four possible future scenarios. We have created tools and resources that explore different aspects of fashion futures with ways to incorporate them into your practice. By engaging with these future scenarios, fashion industry and education can develop visions, interventions and commitments to guide strategy for design, business and communication.

Fashion Futures 2030 toolkits are aimed at those teaching and working in fashion across a range of design, business and media roles and courses. The toolkit offers pathways for industry and educators which have been designed to be flexible enough to be planned and delivered as an hour-long ideation session, a one day workshop, or even a learning module.

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Fashion Futures 2030 – Teaching Toolkit for 16–18 year olds

A teaching toolkit designed for UK school teachers working with 16-18 year olds, being piloted with a group of students from Waltham Forest College. This toolkit includes a range of learning tools and resources for students to develop their understanding of sustainability and critical thinking skills, responding to future scenarios based on environmental, social, cultural and economic changes.

The content was developed from research undertaken by Centre for Sustainable Fashion, with inputs from Forum for the Future, and tailored to school teachers by London College of Fashion (LCF) lecturer Tiff Radmore.

Using ‘street style’ as a case study, the Fashion Futures 2030 toolkit offers a full 12-week scheme of work to explore issues around fast-fashion and sustainability. In using the toolkit, students will work through two phases: Part One offers an introduction, contextualizing, evidencing and conducting research, while Part Two builds on previous sessions, offering activities for students from either art, design and textiles, or media-based subjects, to deepen and extend their practice.

This toolkit has been produced as part of the Making for Change: Waltham Forest project developed in partnership between LCF and Waltham Forest Council for London Borough of Culture 2019 and the Great Place scheme.

a 4 sectioned graphic with illustrations of a world, clouds and pollution


We are part of the biggest change that humans have ever instigated. Our anthropocentric behaviour exemplifies ways of thinking and living that are unprecedented in their consequences to humanity. Fashion is a fundamental distinction of being human. As a social species, it identifies and connects us to our only source of prosperity. All fashion comes from nature, its resources and our labour are mediated by social, cultural and political relationships. Fashion Futures 2030 toolkits offer a means to navigate this complexity using scenario planning as a way to speculate and ideate several distinct and divergent visions of what might be ahead. By looking ahead to future scenarios for the world and for fashion, we can challenge current day practices to design fashion system which honors nature and human equity.


Fashion Futures 2030 was first exhibited at V&A Museum London in 2018 and is currently touring internationally. Through a longstanding collaborative relationship between Centre for Sustainable Fashion and Forum for the Future, Fashion Futures 2030 was informed by a Forum advisor who had worked previously on a fashion scenario planning project, Fashion Futures 2025, originally undertaken in 2010.  Through a partnership between C&A Foundation, CSF and Forum for the Future, Fashion Futures 2030 has been extended from the version developed for the exhibit into these toolkits, which are openly available. They offer a means for industry practitioners, tutors, students and others to be part of an age of interdependence, where fashion honours our connections and distinctions.

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Fashion Futures 2030 can be of value to your thinking and practice across a range of roles, whether you are a designer, buyer, merchandiser, technician, journalist, sustainability specialist, media producer or other student or professional. We invite you to join us in this process, so that together, we can transform the fashion system to one that can help to sustain us all.

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Fashion Futures 2030 was conceived by Centre for Sustainable Fashion, through a commission by V&A Museum, as part of the exhibition Fashioned from Nature. The Fashion Futures 2030 toolkits were co-created by CSF & Forum for the Future, and kindly supported by C&A Foundation.