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Fashion in a Changing World

CSF and Kering have continued to explore their partnership through the creation and delivery of the world’s first open access digital course dedicated to luxury fashion and sustainability.

Entitled “Fashion & Sustainability: Understanding Luxury Fashion in a Changing World”, the course aims to strengthen sustainability education in the luxury and fashion realms in order to promote the wider adoption of more sustainable practices.

Co-developed by CSF research and education teams, and Kering sustainability experts, the course is built on six key modules including: Why Sustainability Matters in Fashion, Contextualising Sustainability for a Changing World, Sustainable Sourcing for Luxury Fashion, and Informed Decision-Making.

Through a mix of films, podcasts, activities and discussions, the course covers both the theoretical aspects of sustainability as well as real-life business cases that luxury fashion brands face when integrating sustainability.

The course runs over a six-week period and is free to access, with the specific aim of educating future talents, designers, luxury fashion professionals, and members of the public with an interest in fashion.

We have so far created a community of more than 10,000 global change makers from 144 countries through this course. Be a part of the change by signing up – the next course run starts on 22 October and you can sign up here.

Collaboration and Co-Creation

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This online course demonstrates our collaborative approach to sustainability the course brings together sustainability innovation for luxury fashion in the form of expertise from Kering, together with the world leading research and education capabilities and experience of CSF.

To create a community of fashion professionals and aspiring professionals that are aligning their values with their experiences to envision fashion for a changing world.