At CSF we offer thought leadership in the field of fashion and sustainability, we are a constant point of reference in an ever evolving debate and we know that new ways of thinking will drive new ways of doing. We strive to spark challenging dialogues and create debate through all our communication, be it a book several years in the making, or a one hundred and forty character tweet.

  • the exterior of an exhibition with a view of screens and hanging garments and shoes

    How we are shaping the future – through our fashion habits and aspirations

    Relationships are the subject of much debate at Centre for Sustainable Fashion; those that we have with each other and with nature. Fashion, as we know, exemplifies these relationships in vivid forms.


  • What is the source of prosperity for all involved in fashion?

    Everything in fashion comes from nature and, mediated by labour, becomes the materials, products, services and systems that make fashion the 7th largest industry in the world. That industry is made up in the main, of micro and small businesses, with designer-entrepreneurs whose ideas and practices are the zeitgeist of shape and style. They represent localities, […]


  • Za’atari Refugee Camp: Unknowing and Uncertainty

        Since returning from Za’atari in February I’ve been trying to making sense of my experience. Trying to connect what’s being lived there, to what’s being lived here in London. Brexit. Walls. Cochroaches. Migrant crisis. Illegalness. Hostile Environments. Grenfell. Climate Emergency. Extinction Rebellion. And the threads that connect them? I’m working on this, I […]