Members of the CSF team or network contribute articles to this website regularly, offering inspiring insights and ideas on the role fashion plays in a global sustainability agenda.

person repairing a piece of clothing on a sewing machine

It’s just Black Friday, or is it?

There are many things that create great discussion and debate in our office, and Black Friday is definitely one of them. I think it’s fair to say that the annual marketing campaign, on the whole, goes against everything that we at CSF would like the fashion industry to be.

the student winners, CSF and Kering team members stood smiling

How can collaborative units and live briefs impact the student experience?

Since 2014 we’ve coordinated a collaborative unit with students from across London College of Fashion, working on a live brief with luxury conglomerate Kering Group. Working toward solutions using collaborative practice, we caught up with the students who were selected to present their project to Kering’s team in Paris earlier this year.

A graphic of 12 circles with illustrations depicting various manufacturing items from fashion

Are we heading in the right direction?

‘Are we heading in the right direction?’ this question, amongst others was posed a few months ago, to a group of people from across the world. All who are currently engaged, in a range of ways, in action towards an honouring of nature and equity in fashion. Being one of these people, I was able to share my own perspectives, listen to others and together start to evolve a shared response to the question.

Patternity – Life Labyrinth © Studio Stagg

Transforming what it means to be a fashion business – fostering sustainable practices

Transforming what it means to be a fashion business – how brands are fostering sustainable practices at London Fashion Week.

the exterior of an exhibition with a view of screens and hanging garments and shoes

How we are shaping the future – through our fashion habits and aspirations

Relationships are the subject of much debate at Centre for Sustainable Fashion; those that we have with each other and with nature. Fashion, as we know, exemplifies these relationships in vivid forms.

What is the source of prosperity for all involved in fashion?

Everything in fashion comes from nature and, mediated by labour, becomes the materials, products, services and systems that make fashion the 7th largest industry in the world. That industry is made up in the main, of micro and small businesses, with designer-entrepreneurs whose ideas and practices are the zeitgeist of shape and style. They represent localities, […]

Za’atari Refugee Camp: Unknowing and Uncertainty

    Since returning from Za’atari in February I’ve been trying to making sense of my experience. Trying to connect what’s being lived there, to what’s being lived here in London. Brexit. Walls. Cochroaches. Migrant crisis. Illegalness. Hostile Environments. Grenfell. Climate Emergency. Extinction Rebellion. And the threads that connect them? I’m working on this, I […]

I WANNA BE ME, I WANNA BE (E)U – Live Art Performance

  As part of the “Making for Change: Waltham Forest” project that he is leading on in partnership with Waltham Forest Council for London Borough of Culture 2019, our Post-Doctoral Research Fellow Francesco Mazzarella has collaborated with the international artist collective Foreign Investment to design and deliver “I WANNA BE ME I WANNA BE (E)U”. This was […]

Fashion x Extinction Rebellion

  Last week CSF hosted Sara Arnold to talk about Extinction Rebellion (XR). Sara had been involved with the direct action that took place across London earlier in April. She was also active during London Fashion Week back in February – highlighting climate change as an urgent issue for the industry to address. Sara talked […]

Orsola de Castro: Fashion Revolution

We sat down for a quick interview with Orsola de Castro, Founder and Creative Director of Fashion Revolution during Fashion Revolution Week 2019 to hear her thoughts on industry changes; brand transparency, her vision for the future of Fashion Revolution and why remembering that loved clothes last is just as important as asking brands, “Who made my clothes?”. […]